Breeding Angelfish – Part 1

Breeding Angelfish are one way to become more interested in fish keeping.  Angelfish are cichlids, so they have a number of specific characteristics in common with other. The two main one are that they are egg layers and they have […]

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Two Male Crowntail Bettas Showing Off

The Betta, also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish, will fight to the death when two males are put together. In this video we see two male Crowntail Bettas showing off at each other. Don’t worry, this is not an […]

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Alligator Gar Against Piranha

When it comes to matching an Alligator Gar against Piranha, it would seem that there is no contest. Or at least the video seems to be mistitled since the fight is already over. Not to let the cat out of […]

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The Art of the Planted Aquarium – Winners in XL Category

DirectAquascapeTV’s first video on the results of the Art of the Planted Aquarium 2013 show in Hanover, Germany. These five tanks are the top tanks in the XL category. The tank dimensions are 100 cm x 50 cm x 50 […]

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Adding Guppies to an Aggressive Aquarium

Some people wonder why their fish don’t make it. Here is an aquarium where they are adding guppies to an aggressive aquarium. I don’t give the guppies a lot of chance for a long life. There are so many fish […]

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Crimson Sky Aquascape

Here are a couple of videos on the new Crimson Sky aquascape by James Findley. The first video shows the way the shallow tank design was made and implemented. The Crimson Sky aquascape is a tank that has some of […]

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